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I always keep my Headphones on and Music Blasting.. thats one way to avoid shooting Orange lazor beams at people...


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OzynO's News

Posted by OzynO - November 15th, 2013

Greetings mortals! I have arrived.
Now BOW!!! or just sit on your desk and do "weird-ed out" facial expressions as you pointlessly try to imagine the powerful sound of my voice. Of course this is just a futile attempt, and you will for ever wander aimlessly through the narrow results of google+.
Now, since I feel responsible for making you use your imagination for longer than 34 seconds, I will alleviate your curious mind of such tediousness. HOW? you ask. Well Imagine if you will; The sound that a mighty brown bear makes when he is pooping... yep...
SO! we got that out of the way, and from now on you can rest your brain as you no longer have to try and imagine the sound of my voice but rather, you get to enjoy my poor grammar and wonder WHY DID I READ THIS SH*T!!!!. oh yeah its a introduction post.

Well Woke up today with a mouth full of human ashes. “This shit again” I thought when i realized what it was. No time to really shower so I just coughed some of the ashes on my hands and gave myself a good rubdown, having seen certain small animals do it the same way only with sand or gravel. So far as I know, that’s what happened to Kratos.
I always write topics for forums the same way, wearing nothing but some headphones and listening to music that bolsters my nerve for the start of conversations. I think of it as a kind of Flight of the Valkyries scene from Apocalypse Now, only it's a sea of web surfers running in terror before me at the sound of whatever I have blasting out. Only real difference is that I always have to remind myself that nobody else can hear what's coming out of my headphones, but only after replying to someone out of the crowd and yelling "DO YOU HAVE NO FEAR,CHILD? I AM A HELICOPTER, GODDAMMIT!"


Posted by OzynO - July 12th, 2013

starting a Movie scene series! keep checking 'em!

Newer Newness

Posted by OzynO - July 1st, 2013

Check my gallery for new stuff

New Newness

Posted by OzynO - June 14th, 2013



Posted by OzynO - November 11th, 2012

Posted by OzynO - March 16th, 2011

This was also my first contest on NG, and my first time doing 3d map textures. It was not easy at all but sooo much fun. I had a blast tonight reading peoples opinions. Here are MY piks: (and some Factual trivia)
01) Monkey Business aka (Monkey Magic the after years)
02) Throbulator aka (Samus's next Victim)
03) NG Elite aka (Tom Clancy's Tank Man)
04) Little Sin aka (Beowulf's Son)
05) Undead Andy aka ( Rob Zombie's Father)
06) Fancy Panda aka (Ling Xiaoyu's first pet)
07) Riley aka ( Abasken Armor user)
08) Abasken Armor aka (The water-coral Guyver)
09) Junk aka (Pig-Pen's best friend)
10) El Coño aka ( Nacho Fuerte)
Good luck to everyone and thanks for supporting the community!
ps: I would love to get these as toys

NGFIGURE CONTEST. Who are your favorites?

Posted by OzynO - October 29th, 2010

So I decided to do an little experiment. To draw something similar to the fan art I did of piccolo about 8 years ago. and witness for my self how far I come. But as I was almost finish... I ended up adding more and more chars... lol I guess thats the difference jajaja.

Armed with Paint Tool Sai/ Tablet/and Patience.. about 3days (17 hours)later Oh yeah and like 4 of harry potter audio books (now i can say i read them now that I'm posting this while listening to the end.) Go check it out. (cmon front page! crosses fingers*)


Posted by OzynO - October 13th, 2010

So, Jhonen Vasquez new limited hand printed poster "Not Jhonny C" (JTHM) was sold out!.. and I couldn't buy one... I was so pist, that I ended up making it maself... If you are lucky you can see a sneak preview on the net (hard to find). I personally like his version better but thats because I'm a big fan. So go check it out my fan-art of Nny.

ps: wish I could do that with everything else that sells out. >.<. (gona start doing fake tickets for concerts)

Sold out!

Posted by OzynO - September 30th, 2010

I had this same problem before, "internal server error?" I have tried changing file type, file size, difrent softwares... I cant get it to post ma new Artworks. I rember to post ma last one, It took me like 20 tries before it uploaded all the way. I wonder if this is a common thing?

Why! can't I post art?

Posted by OzynO - July 8th, 2010

:D I been scouted!! in 2 days 0_0'.... by a few people. I kind of did some research and find out that i needed at least 4 artworks posted before I could be scouted.. so I put together 4 of my favorite Fanart that i did long ago ( Piccollo, Yenny, Dofus's Sadida and a young Naruto, because they look like they belong here.) along with My New piece and it worked!

So if you looking to be scouted. make sure you start with your best foot forward and Proudly display you favorite pieces even if they are like 6 - 7 years old.. like mine..lol. and good luck

:) so its official